Featherly Warm Ocean Jasper Mini Stacker Beaded Crystal Gemstone Bracelet
Renewal & Joy - Warm Ocean Jasper Mini Stacker Bracelet


Renewal & Joy - Warm Ocean Jasper Mini Stacker Bracelet

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Crystal Gemstone Meaning- Ocean Jasper: The Stone of Renewal and Joy | Heart Chakra + Solar Plexus Chakra | Jaspers are known as the supreme nurtures. It is a helpful stone during times of stress bringing relaxation and tranquility. Ocean Jasper helps you become more loving and understanding of yourself and your own personal power, empowering you to call love, joy, kindness, and happiness into your life. Emotionally, it can stir up unresolved emotional issues helping you to release negative feelings, feel more optimistic, and face the future positively. Ocean Jasper is a multifaceted healer helping to alleviate stress and support the immune system, lymphatic system, and circulatory system.

  • 6mm genuine stones- size and stone colors may vary 
  • stretch beaded bracelet 
  • Standard Size 7", Large Size 7.5" 
  • Custom sizing available