Featherly Mystic Amethyst Mini Stacker Crystal Gemstone Beaded Bracelet


Serenity & Spiritual Growth - Mystic Amethyst Mini Stacker Bracelet

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Crystal Gemstone Meaning- Amethyst: The Stone of Serenity and Spiritual Growth | Third Eye Chakra + Crown Chakra | Amethyst is a calming stone promoting emotional centering. It is a protective stone helpful in dispelling anger, rage, fear, negativity, stress, and anxiety. Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing powers and enhances spiritual awareness. As a serenity stone, it helps enhance higher states of consciousness and meditation while also assisting with insomnia and dreams. Amethyst was traditionally used as a sobering effect on overindulgence and physical passions, supporting sobriety.

  • 6mm coated genuine natural stones- size and stone colors may vary
  • stretch beaded bracelet 
  • Standard Size 7", Large Size 7.5" 
  • Custom sizing available