Featherly Cherry Quartz Stacker Beaded Crystal Gemstone Bracelet
Hope & Love - Cherry Quartz Stacker Bracelet
Hope & Love - Cherry Quartz Stacker Bracelet


Hope & Love - Cherry Quartz Stacker Bracelet

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Crystal Gemstone Meaning- Cherry Quartz: The Stone of Hope and Love | Heart Chakra | Cherry Quartz stimulates the heart activating loving, forgiving, and compassionate vibes. It encourages empathy and kindness towards yourself and others. This stone eliminates negative and complacent energy and motivates you to live your life to the fullest. Promoting hope for the future, Cherry Quartz gives you emotional strength to pursue your passions and confidently face your fears. It helps to heal emotional wounds and fills you with hope and self-confidence for the future.

  • 8mm dyed genuine stones- size and stone colors may vary 
  • stretch beaded bracelet
  • Standard Size 7", Large Size 7.5" 
  • Custom sizing available