Mix, Match, and Layer: The Essential Guide to Women's Necklace Sizes

Mix, Match, and Layer: The Essential Guide to Women's Necklace Sizes

Our guide offers insights into standard women's necklace sizes and the art of layering. Learn the secrets of mixing lengths and styles, like blending sterling silver and gold, to elevate any outfit with elegance or bold statement layers.

Choosing the perfect necklace is all about embracing your unique style while navigating the array of standard sizes available. Think of it like picking the perfect outfit for a girls' night out! With options ranging from the snug embrace of chokers to the statement-making sway of longer lengths, there's a size for every mood and moment. Our guide not only introduces you to the world of standard women's necklace sizes but also dives into the art of layering. When considering layering necklaces, it's essential to mix lengths and styles, like combining a sterling silver necklace with a gold necklace or layering different chain types. Whether you're drawn to the elegance of a single dainty piece or the bold statement of layered necklaces, understanding sizes and how to layer can enhance any outfit.

Featherly Sterling Silver 18k Gold Plated 16 inch to 18 inch necklace stack with feather, heart, paperclip chain, and choker necklace

The Magic of Pendants & Necklaces: Selecting the Right Size and Length

The standard necklace size for women typically ranges from 16 to 20 inches. A 16-inch necklace usually sits at the base of the throat, which is considered on the long end of a choker length. An 18-inch necklace, often seen as the most common length for women, hangs over the collarbone, while a 20-inch necklace sits just below it. These sizes allow for versatility in style and layering options.

Featherly sterling silver necklace women's size guide for layering

At Featherly, each necklace is thoughtfully designed with an extender, allowing for flexible styling between 16 and 18 inches. This feature ensures that our necklaces not only complement a variety of necklines and outfits but also cater to personal comfort, making each piece a versatile addition to any wardrobe. 

Want even more versatility? Our Featherly necklace collection includes chain extenders in sterling silver, gold, and rose gold that can be added to each necklace. This allows each necklace to be lengthened by an additional 2 inches! Grab a necklace extender here

Layering 101: Crafting the Perfect Necklace Layers

Layering necklaces is about mixing lengths, textures, and styles for a unique look that makes you feel fabulous!  You start with a base—maybe something light and delicate, like a 16 inch chain or dainty pendant...think our best selling Shine On CZ necklace. Then, you add a bit of mid-length charm, think a necklace that speaks to your heart...like our popular Sweetheart Self Love necklace. And for that final flourish, a longer piece to tie it all together. It's all about playing with different lengths, chain styles (like paperclip chains) and vibes, mixing in various metals like gold and sterling silver if you're feeling bold!

Featherly gold necklace layering stack featuring heart, paperclip chain, and CZ necklaces

Featherly's Top Tips for Layering & Stacking Necklaces

1. Start With a Simple Necklace

Kick things off with a sweet little choker (think the Shine On Beaded Choker) or a dainty chain or pendant that sits just right, like our Shine On CZ necklace. Think of it as the base that sets the vibe for your necklace stack.

2. Mix it Up- Lengths & Styles

Throw in some lengths and styles. Layer a mid-length pendant with a longer, chunky chain for all the texture! 

3. Metals? Mix ‘em! Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, Oh My! 

Who says you can’t wear silver and gold necklaces together? Heck, throw in some rose gold if you really love a unique style. Be bold and mix those metals for a fresh, fun look that catches the eye.

4. Keep Necklaces Balanced

Dressy night out? Don’t let your necklaces steal the show. Balance it out—pick a standout piece and let the others complement it, not compete.


Need some new pieces to play with? Swing by our necklace collection and pick your faves. Let’s make those necklace stacks pop!