Featherly Sodalite Mini Stacker Crystal Gemstone Beaded Bracelet
Logic & Truth - Sodalite Mini Stacker Bracelet


Logic & Truth - Sodalite Mini Stacker Bracelet

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Crystal Gemstone Meaning- Sodalite: The Stone of Logic and Truth | Throat Chakra + Third Eye Chakra | Sodalite promotes spiritual growth, strengthens self-expression, and enhances communication and confidence. This stone instills a drive for truth, making it possible to remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs. Eliminating mental confusion and encouraging rational thought, Sodalite is an outstanding stone for the mind. It improves memory, clears mental fog, and helps balance the mind and emotions.

  • 6mm genuine natural stones- size and stone colors may vary
  • stretch beaded bracelet 
  • Standard Size 7", Large Size 7.5" 
  • Custom sizing available